Mini Mammoth Games Team Photo


Our Company

Mini Mammoth Games was formed at the start of 2020 by 8 AIE graduates with a passion for creating games.

Our Values

At Mini Mammoth Games we have 4 core values that guide our decisions.


Being open and transparent even when that's hard 


Doing what we say we're gonna do and owning it if we don't achieve that.


Being accepting and kind to others.



Treat others the way you want to be treated within reason.

Our Team

Edee Korhonen-Bannister

Designs the things

Jordan Sangster-Williams

I code and design games, I try to be an all-rounder making all different games.

David McCann

I make art out of numbers, logic, and occasionally pretty particles. Which is a fancy way of saying I design games.

Ben Hinckley

I love designing games because they allow me to express myself in ways that I couldn't through other mediums.

Tyler Marcelis

Makes bugs, fixes the bugs, yells at the bugs, and then actually fixes the bugs.

Camryn Schriever

I enjoy making games work, it's like solving my own puzzles through code.

Anja Verhoeff

Hello, I do the art, the things, and the stuff.

Photo of Anja Verhoeff

Tamara Lynch

Art is what I do.