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The Arreptius is an existential horror visual novel where you will follow the story of Launce Endellion. An Artist who's staying in the Arreptius hotel whilst hes running his exhibition in the town. 

What is The Arreptius?



See the world through the eyes of the artist Launce Endellion as he's plunged into madness during his stay at the Arreptius. 

Choices Matter

As you explore the Arreptius you will interact and communicate with the people of this world. These interactions will create situation for where you will need to decide on Launce's action and these actions will effect the world around him.


Multiple Endings

The way you handle the choices throughout your journey will change your ending.


Intertwined Stories

Even some of the smallest interactions with a person can change their perspective.

Want To Bring This into Reality?

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